The solution – a better Influencer strategy

A new model

MiVeda Organics has thought long and hard about the problems associated with influencer marketing and feels there is a better solution.

Such a change in influencer philosophy revolves around the concept of “win-win”. It has been well established in business models that creating a “win-win” situation for all parties involved will result in a better and more profitable outcome for all. MiVeda has extended this, whereby parties end up with an even better result.

The MiVeda model involves the Influencer informing (using whatever method that suits) their database that MiVeda Organics has provided a discount code that will allow anyone who uses the respective code to obtain a 15% discount off any products that people purchase from the online MiVeda shopping cart ( In can be also mentioned – but perhaps better not, that the Influencer will also receive a 12% payment for any purchases made using the exclusive discount code (that is unique to the Influencer). This creates a true “win-win” situation for the Influencer’s group and the Influencer.

There are many advantages of this model

As mentioned in the previous page, there is always difficulty in getting people to buy on a recommendation. The MiVeda model changes this to a “win-win” situation. The customer receives some fantastic products AND with a 15% discount.

As also mentioned in the previous page, the need to continually market the service or product/s is reduced because about 85% of people who buy MiVeda products continue to re-order them on a regular basis. Thus the monthly income from MiVeda can be continuous. In most cases, it would be MiVeda’s objective to build annual earnings for the Influencer to $100,000 to $200,000 or more. This tends to happen because customers who use the products can let others know about the products and the discount code and so the ordering rate can increase over time.

It might be asked by some…

Are there any other benefits for the Influencer? MiVeda produces a large variety of Certified Organic products that are Made in Australia. So not only does MiVeda promote the cause of buying Australian-made products, but the products are high quality, certified natural and organic. However, in addition, there are no dubious or undesirable ingredients used in the products (and this cannot be said of some similar products that are sold commercially). These additional benefits make a sale much easier.

Does the Influencer have to recommend or endorse MiVeda? MiVeda does not expect or require this to occur. However, it would be appropriate and necessary that the Influencer informs their database about an exclusive discount code that allows a 15% discount to be obtained on all products purchased from the MiVeda shopping cart. MiVeda is happy to help with any promotional content or information dissemination.